Tuesday, August 22, 2006


This morning on the way in to work:

Middle aged overweight white guy. Looks like the golfing Dad type. Wearing a sun-visor, crappy sunglasses, driving a convertable Mercedes with the top down.

Listening to: gangsta rap.

Speaking of Disasters...

Hi, me again. I know, it's been a month. Shut it.

Just wanted to stop by here and point out that the media's still doing its job of not reporting the news. Why, here's a nice piece that's warning people of impending danger! Hurricane Worse than Katrina is Coming.

When you might ask? Where? Are you frantically packing your belongings? Stocking your basement with food? Well you better, because it's coming soon.

In fact, this expert they've quoted has it due to make landfall in exactly...uh...100 years? Oh wait, he's merely speculating. Speculation = front page news now, evidently.

Thanks MSN!

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