Monday, December 04, 2006

The Fire Lord Strikes Back

So we got the Season 2 Finale for Avatar last night, and lo, it was awesome. However, multiple times throughout the ep I caught myself wondering where I'd heard this story before.

Quick Synopsis: Warning, Spoiler content ahoy!

Luke Aang must leave his friends behind go find Yoda a guru of sorts who lives on Degobah at his old Air Temple in order to complete his training so he can harness and control the Force the Avatar State.

During his training, which seems to be going well enough, he has a vision of Leia Kitara who is being held by the Empire the Fire Nation and requires saving. He leaves his training early, riding back with R2 his sky bison, Appa, and decides to take on Darth Vader the Fire Sibs before his training is complete.

Not only does he attempt to take on the Fire Nation Siblings, but he attempts to use the Force Avatar State even though he knows he cannot control it. He loses his hand and is injured so badly he is feared to be dead. His friends come to the rescue in the Falcon on Appa and carry his limp body away while they ride off into the sunset while Han Uncle Iroh sacrifices himself and is taken prisoner by the Fire Sibs.

Yeah, I think I've seen this story somewhere before, but I just can't place it.

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