Thursday, June 06, 2002

Right now you're reading my mind

Jebus H. Christu on a stick, I hate doing HTML. I just fought with my own idiocy for the better part of an hour trying to add the "Blog" icon to my index page to route people who go there to here. You'd think any normal Joe could have gotten it done in no time flat. But me? No. I have to do things the hard way. Learn tables? That's for smart folks! I like to line up tons and tons of tiny pikchurs to keep mah formattin'!

I'm installing Dreamweaver this weekend. This is nuts.

I was in a panic for at least a half an hour, because my stupid lousy wee hitcounter got bombed when I mistakenly saved over my index.html page with the wrong page. Me = Stupid. In Geek terms, I'm Stupid++. I think I need Visual Sourcesafe on my home computer so I stop saving over important files like a complete MORON. Fortunately, Earthlink saved my massive 632 hits on the server, so all is well. I also got all excited because they now offer free Urchin service for all of us dial-up 10M free hosting folks. I really want to upgrade now so I can see where my hits are coming from, or if there's any referrals at all. Well, actually, about 300 referrals came from that nice guy's site that I've forgotten about now (if you're reading this, Curtis, I can find you again, and I will this weekend hopefully), when he linked to me and his 300+hits/day readership came and withered my Azaleas as they stampeeded all over my site in one day. It was quite the day for the hit counter. I don't think it's recovered yet. And I guess it wasn't good enough for them to come back for a peek. Oh well. No biggy. It's my own fault for not updating more.

But to update more, I'd need to be drawing more, which I haven't been. I haven't been doing much of anything lately, other than vegging out, which is nice. I kinda like getting away from the TV, or the computer, or games, or editing, or even drawing every once in awhile. Helps me to recalibrate and figure out just which direciton my life is going in. I would like to get back on the bike a bit more, since I haven't been riding since last weekend, and I didn't even get to ride for a long time. I think I'm going to go try a trail out in Naperville. Since there aren't any, you know, Mountains here in Illinois to go riding the ol' Mountain Bikes on.

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