Saturday, July 13, 2002

DDR to the Max

Sis and I headed over to Woodfield Mall to do a little cross B-day shopping for each other. I forgot to send her something for her birthday, and since she was going to be here just days before mine (*coughcoughahemJuly17thcoughhack*) we figured we'd just go buy each other something.

So of course we stopped at Gameworks first, and I played a few games of DDR Max. It's been ahwile since I've played DDR, and I have to say that there's a crapload of new songs to play. I'm really stoked to head back and play some more. My favorite new song I've played (and failed miserably on the "8" setting) is Twilight Zone. If you were really into Rave/Techno music circa 1992-4, you'll know what song I'm talking about.

Then we headed off to Woodfield and there was much shopping. Well, mostly walking, and a little bit of actual shopping. Not a whole lot to talk about there, really, other than the fact that I realized that I am not a "beautiful person," and that I'm hideously ugly. Way too many mirrors. Way too many beautiful people. Actually, I love looking at beautiful people. They probably think I'm some sort of sick twisted stalker because there's this fat ugly bozo just staring at them. I should find a really old, nasty white shirt with tons of stains on the front when I head to the mall just to complete the look. Apologies to anyone who's seen me in person recently and had to hold back the rising bile.

If anything, it was some serious incentive to get back on the workout wagon. I. Want. Abs. Of. Steel.

No, that was not a request for you to buy me Abs of Steel for my birthday.

Check back soon. We went to the Shedd Aquarium today, and boy howdy do I have some fun pictures. And the bathroom's finished, so there's going to be pictures of that, too. Oh, and the bike pictures. Hopefully all within the next few days.

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