Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Expo Can Go to Hell.

It can go to hell and die.

We took the big mirror back. It was too big vertically and too small horizontally. So we picked up a much much smaller oval mirror (still with silver finish on the frame) and then cruised by The Effin' Money Pit (breaking my oath to god) for a small wall cabinet to go next to it.

At The Effin' Money Pit (remember, both Expo and The Home Depot are the same exact company), we see an oval silver framed mirror (the frame is only slightly different in style, and not by much) by the exact same manufacturer. For thirty dollars less.

Nice mark-up on your merchandise, Expo. That's a 30% hike in price for the exact same effing mirror.

So, in an act of outraged consumerism, we're going to take the $90.00 oval mirror we bought at Expo back, and then buy a much much larger mirror from them for $195.00.

That'll show 'em.

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