Sunday, July 21, 2002

Ugh. Me Break Things.

Due to my laziness and general lack of wanting to bother to install Photoshop on my gaming PC, I managed to royally eff up my website by trying to do all of the title graphics using Flash Text.

Big Honking Mistake.

So, the main site is going to be broken until at least Monday night when I can install Photoshop, and generate some regular old plain .gif tags for you to lay your eyes on and click at to your heart's content. Not really a content update, sadly. Just a redesign. Oh, but if you can manage your way to the gallery page, I threw up five of my old comic book try-out pages based on an old Marv Wolfman Punisher four page story that my old professor Mark Nelson originally pencilled.

At least I got the comments thing right.

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