Thursday, August 15, 2002

B-b-b-but That's My Only Stapler

I'm finally in an office. It's probably nothing special to a lot of you out there reading this, but here I sit in my very own office. And I've come to a startling revelation: I don't miss people looking over my shoulder one bit. I am quite fond of being able to talk to my wife on the phone and not have everyone else in the office hear it. Even better: I can look at porn without offending anyone! (do I need to say kidding here?).

I'm counting the days until someone else gets jammed in here with me. It will probably be the janitorial service, since Animators at this company occupy the lowest rung of respect from management (I got booted out of my old cube farm position on the game team because they felt that animators didn't need to be with the team). So, since I'm going to be sharing my office with Jani King, I should start boning up on my conversational Polish.

Jesu Schmadia.

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