Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Domo Arigato, Johannesburg

Well, goodbye everyone. I'm moving to Johannesburg, South Africa, because they evidently have robots on every freaking street corner.

From the directions on how to find the corporate office of DM Kisch, Inc.:

HOW TO GET THERE from the M1 (South).Take Grayston Drive off-ramp. At the robot turn left and stay in the far-left lane, which is signposted Katherine Avenue. At the robot take the slip road, turning left into Katherine Avenue. Proceed through two robots and at the third robot turn left into West Street. Nedcor is on the opposite corner. West Street veers to the right where it becomes Wierda Road East and our entrance is the second one on the left.

Please, don't feed the Robots.

Thank you.

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