Saturday, August 17, 2002

His Feet Show It

First off, if you haven't been by Sonnetblog yet, please do so immediately. This post won't be half as original as Tim's idea, so you can just stop reading now if you'd like. It's easily one of the most original (if not novel) ideas I've seen online lately. I'm trying to fathom how much extra time it would take to write a Blog in sonnet form, and I'm starting to give myself a headache.

I was never one for poetry, and I'm still not. In fact I hate poetry with the white hot fury of a thousand suns, but there's something about Sonnetblog which strikes me as genius. It's both mocking poetry and at the same time saluting it, and perhaps even taking poetry and shoving it forcibly into the information era. I mean, poetry. About everyday internet life. With links in it. Fucking genius, Tim. I salute thee.

In other, less interesting (for you) news, I got to hang out with my Dad today. I don't normally get to do this, seeing as we live in two completely different parts of the country. We talked about golf, and Saudi Arabia, and why the fuck the world hates America all of a sudden (and no, I don't just mean like how the lousy French hate us; that kind of hate doesn't count), and other smalltalk topics. The biggest news: his job interviews for the CEO position in Boston fell apart, so now he and my Mom are vehemently talking about moving back to the Chicago suburbs. Like the Grinch, my heart grew three sizes today upon hearing the news. I've been away from my parents for over 10 years now, and I missed seeing my sisters grow up. Now that I'm "all grown up," I'd really like to get to hang out with my parents (and sisters should they come along for the ride) some more as an adult before my life gets too busy and theirs gets too old for us to appreciate each other.

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