Monday, August 19, 2002

Honk if You Love Goat's Blood

Saw one of the funniest things on the road to work today. A Pontiac Grand Am covered with demon worshiping bumper stickers on the back. I wish I could have seen what they said, but they were in some Gothic-written-in-blood font that makes them fairly unreadable. They were primarily black bumper stickers on the back of a black Grand Am, and I surmised that I could think of nothing which screamed "unholy Satanic terror" more than a Grand Am with bumper stickers on it. In fact, I'm pretty sure Satan himself drives a Grand Prix, and all of his Succubi drive Grand Ams.

Of particular note was the "GoatWhore" bumper sticker. Evidently, either the driver (or perhaps the driver's favorite band) loves spreading for anything cloven-hooved, because as you should well know, the devil himself is also cloven-hooved, and in fact loves shagging demon worshiping Grand Am driving whores. The irony in this is that the shock-value of "GoatWhore" written on the back of your Grand Am is taken down exactly five pegs for the Grand Am, and eight more pegs due to the fact that there's a fucking babyseat plainly visible in the back of your Grand Am.

Is the baby a GoatWhore as well?

I'm sure if it was they'd proclaim it to the world with a "BabyGoatWhore On Board!" sign in the window.

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