Sunday, August 04, 2002

Who's Your Uncle?

I am! If your name is Emma. My brother-in-law and his lovely wife had their first baby, Emma, on August 2nd, 2002. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to see her yet as she just got home from the hospital today. Liz got to see her at the hospital mere minutes after Emma had made the journey into the "real" world. I'm so green with envy it's not funny. But it is her brother, so I'll hold off on the jealous rages for now.

Unrelated Tangent: As it turns out, there will be no more need for graphic designers in the near future, so I guess I should start looking for a new line of work, seeing as everyone is looking to phase out artists at every freaking turn. Here's N-Gen (known as The Work of the Devil in my house). If you have broadband, try downloading the full Monte. If you only have wee dialup, just nab the components one at a time. You'll have a new professional looking front page for your CD/Webpage/Magazine Layout in no time. I guess down the road from now you'll be able to use your own personal library of images, and incorporate whatever fonts you want. So the world will soon be rid of those vile creative types. Finally.

Ironically (not really), this was the first weekend that Liz and I didn't have any serious outside commitments (i.e. weddings, family reunions, orgies, that sort of thing) and so we spent it sitting inside, or going to the mall. I was looking forward to doing all sorts of things outside this weekend, yet my body insisted on just maintaining a vegetative state. I evidently have to schedule a round of golf with someone on the weekend now, since I seem absolutely incapable of getting up off of my sorry ass just to go out to the driving range if it isn't penned in on the schedule.

I have to run now, since I need to write "go to work" on the calendar for tomorrow lest I sit on the couch all day. Again.

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