Thursday, August 29, 2002

Wrap Me in Tin Foil and Smother Me in Butter

I am now officially a hot potato.

I found out yesterday at the office that I'm going to get moved. Again. They just moved me...what...[checks archives]...less than 15 days ago, and now I'm scheduled to move again soon.

The irony in this isn't in that I'm being moved again. It's that they had planned for me to move out of my office, with no plan for me to move into another one. I noticed on the floor plan that they had two other people in my office, and my name didn't appear anywhere on the org chart. Neither did the names of the other four Animators on the game I'm working on. Only after I brought this up to the guy in charge of the Sports department did he realize that he had in fact failed to plan to move me somewhere else.

"I thought someone had made arrangements for you to move into the other building already," he said, in his polite British accent.

This from the same man who just last week got to hear first hand from the entire staff of Sports Animators (griping led by yours truly) how we feel like we keep getting the shaft because everyone conveniently brushes us off onto someone else's plate of responsibility, and claimed he wanted to "do something about that."

Evidently by "doing something" he meant "completely forget about that conversation."

Further adding to the gleeful irony of the whole situation is that he's going to move us into some offices that are slated to be demo'd so that they can turn those five offices into one giant tech-testing lab. Why is that ironic, you ask? Because I'll have to be moved again when those offices are scheduled to be torn down? Not even close. It's ironic (or just plain moronic) because that's exactly what that "future lab space" used to be a year ago when they built some walls and converted it into offices. They took a lab space, built offices, and now they're going to tear it down so they can have a lab space.

Can you smell the brilliance?

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