Monday, September 02, 2002

Hope You Like It

Well, it looks like this will be the look for the time being. Until such time as I deem that I'm unsatisfied with this vanilla CSS style and want to make another. There's been a few changes, starting with putting the blog/news (I'm still calling it Keeping Score) on the main index page.

The big news is that I'm starting a new blog tonight called Sketch of the Day. I know, I know, the name is hardly innovative. After looking at Tim Bland's brilliant Sonnetblog, I asked myself if I had anything that I might be able to play into an interesting and innovative blog like that.

I really couldn't come up with much of anything, so I decided to do what I had to do to kick myself in the ass and get drawing again. A dedicated sketch per day program seemed reasonable. So starting Monday (we hope), I should have SOTD up and running hopefully with a new sketch for you all to look at every single fargin' day, like it or not.

Currently, I think the email and about buttons are functional on the left. The art gallery is going to be last, because I can't figure out a way right now to make it easily work within this format. Soon, hopefully, soon.

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