Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Linse, Rather, Lepeat

Stupid lousy tires. Somehow, the universe has once again conspired against me and managed to puncture my right rear tire not once but twice in two days. Well, really four days, but considering that it got punctured on a Friday, then sat on Saturday, patched on Sunday, and wasn't really driven again until Monday, when it was punctured again, it's two for two.

The second time, there was a key in the tread. A KEY. How in the hell a housekey is sharp enough to go through the treadwall of a tire is beyond me, or why it would be laying out in the street in a position condusive to tire rupturing, but there it was: jammed in there nice and tight. I felt bad, because I returned the tire to Just Tires assuming that the patch they did had blown out, and the tech came back and showed me the key stuck in it. I hadn't even bothered checking for another foreign object when I changed it the second time. I mean, what are the odds? Two punctures in the same tire in two days?

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