Thursday, September 12, 2002

Mixed Messages

I'm thinking about starting a Driver's Log or something like that for my road adventures. It seems like I have a new one every other day.

Today's was the mini-van in front of me while I was sitting in log-jam traffic on I-88.

It was a "typical" mini-van in that it had the usual Jesus-Fish tm. (this time complete with a cross for an eye!), and it seemed to be bumper-sticker free. Upon closer inspection, I noticed two of those "bullet hole" stickers on the left side of the trunk. I began wondering: why would someone with a Jesus-Fish want to promote contemporary violence issues?

And then I noticed the Dream-Catcher hanging from the rear-view-mirror.

If I had to profile the car, I'd say Mom and Dad put the Jesus-Fish on, Jr. put the bullet-hole stickers on, and the little lady of the house wanted the Dream-Catcher. And while we're on the topic of Dream-Catchers, why would you want one in your car? You know, that place where sleeping would be inherantly a bad idea?

"Ugh, I ran into that tree and totalled my car when I fell asleep, but I remember that cool dream I was having! Yes!"

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