Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Nike, God of Advertising

I just wanted to make a quick mention that Nike has once again floored me with their advertising. Previously, during the Olympics, they ran an ad which was entirely composed of match cuts between non-related sports. You know the one: The long jumper lands in a pit of sand, and at the point of maximum impact, they cut to a shot of a baby on a bed jumping from a similar position onto the pillows, which cuts to a snowboarder in a similar position to the last one of the baby (laying on its back on a hill of pillows) pushing off from a snowy incline to slide down the hill, which cuts to a skateboarder on a similar incline, etc. etc. etc. I got giddy every time I saw it. Pure brilliance.

They managed to one-up themselves with thier newest one: The Orchestra Warmup. The music is what would normally be considered non-digetic audio of an orchestra warming up for a performance, with clips of atheletes of all kinds and sports warming up for their particular sport of choice. As the "music" builds and more instruments are added to the chorus, so builds the energy and the urgency of the atheletes getting ready in the clips, until we reach the climax as the orchestra individuals' volumes are competing with each other for dominance to be heard as they crescendo and then are cut off abruptly, just as some female swimmers take their mark for the start of a backstroke race. This commercial defines the "pregnant moment." It gives me goosebumps every time I see it.

Nike execs, if you're reading this, I will forever look to buy Nike apparel and sports products whenever possible. Keep up the incredible work.

Thank you.

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