Thursday, September 19, 2002

This Topic is On Time

I've finally decided what my ultimate pet-peeve is about work: being asked to be more punctual.

Asking someone to be more on time is like saying "Hey, nothing's really wrong, but I really feel the need to somehow criticize you, and I noticed that you're not early every day like the rest of us ass-kissers." I mean, if someone's not getting their work done, it would sound more like "Hey, I noticed you've gotten behind the eight-ball. I think it has something to do with you coming in a half-hour late every day. That's two and a half hours of productivity a week that you're missing out on."

Now, I have nothing against an employer asking an employee to be on time. I have nothing against an employer asking an employee to put in an eight hour day five days a week.

But when an employee comes in and works the entire fucking month of February and half of March (and we're talking working 12-14 hour days, only going home to sleep, and putting in 8 to 10 hour days on the weekend), I don't want to fucking hear the employer complain when I come in five to fifteen minutes late once in awhile.

I'm obvoiusly a team player. I think it's obvious that I get my work done on time and meet or exceed an acceptable level of quality, which is why I was promoted in the first place. If all you have to complain about is that I get snarled up by traffic once or twice a week on my way into work, then how about you concentrate on some real problems, cut me some slack, and let me do my job rather than kill my morale by bringing it up in a team meeting by trying to make an example out of me for the rest of the team? Heaven forbid anyone get as much work done as that late guy who happens to produce a lot of good work! And then how about everyone gets on the same page so that one of my other bosses doesn't make the mistake of sending out a general email about being punctual to the other team I'm a part of after the whole puntuality thing has already been turned into a god damned horse and then summarily beaten to fucking death?!?

Oh wait, this was supposed to be one of those "allegorical" things and not about me.


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