Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Touching Base

Why is it when as soon as I get on a roll and start posting every day, life gets in the way and I can't seem to find the time?

There's no real news to tell in my life, other than my feeling the pain of my unavoidable hip displaysia (sp?). I was wondering why my hips hurt so much lately after playing Soccer, and then my Mother tells me that she has hip displaysia and that it's hereditary.

Keep the jokes about my Mom being part dog to yourself, thank you.

So now along with Scoliosis, Excema, Patch Tongue and I'm afraid of possibly Alzheimers (like, way, way in the future), I can add Hip Displaysia to the mix. When I'm sick and laid up in the hospital when I'm really old, they're just going to bring in a Vet to shoot me.

I've been wondering if I should just stop all high-impact sports, and stick to golf and bike-riding, but then I ask myself how much time I really have before my back blows out, and my hips pop out of their sockets, and I wonder if when that happens if I'd be happier not having played some sports and activities in order to prolong the inevitable, or if I'd appreciate life more knowing that I'd lived it in the time that I was given.

I'm telling myself now I'll be happier having played the sports and getting out and living life, but I might change my mind later after some painful surgeries.

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