Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Furnace Update

For those of you who were losing sleep wondering if I have heat or not, you may now rest easy. I have heat.

Or rather, did have heat.

You see, I made the mistake of touching the furnace. And I don't mean "punched" or "shoved" or otherwise destructive physical attacks. I merely touched it.

Some of you who know me are already aware that I am cursed. If I touch things, especially important, complicated things, they tend to break. For instance, pencils don't tend to break in my hands. Laptops, however, do. This furnace was in the house for all of two days, and I touched it. I wanted to see if it was hot on the outside (it wasn't). Shortly thereafter it began making hideous vibrating noises akin to diesel engines or motors big enough to get small planes airborne. It was waking us up at night it was so loud.

So I called out the furnace installers, and they took a look at it. Turns out the induction motor had become loose, and that was what the shaking noise was. Unfortunately, putting it back in wasn't an option, since when it fell out, it bent the fan and now the fan is out of center. Running the furnace with that fan in place just makes it vibrate all over again, then the motor shakes loose, it falls out, and it doesn't work. Again.

Two thousand dollars, five days, and two days taken off from work later, I still don't have heat.

Why must I touch things?!?!?! Curse my foul cursed hands!

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