Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I Must Be Getting Old

Or is it Mtv that's getting old?

Because something's getting old, and I'm pretty sure it's the Las Vegas version of The Real World. I'd make that a link but I'm so utterly disgusted by it that I'm not even going to bother giving them the link service.

Did anyone reading this ever watch the first few seasons of Real World? You know, the ones where they had people on the show who still held down real jobs (like the girl who was a friggin' Doctor), or were maybe HIV positive, were aged anywhere from 22 to almost 30, and otherwise had some real character and personality?

Because putting together a cast of people that involves a married 22 year old guy having sex with the "innocent" (please note the sarcasm in my quotes) girl from from Louisiana on the second night they're together in the house means that you don't really have anywhere left to go from here. The first season was an experiment, and the rest of the seasons have all been tweaks on the formula, which is: Put the most controversial 22-24 year old people in the same ritzy house as possible, and hope that they all get naked, have sex, and fight. Hopefully in that order. They don't even get doors on the rooms anymore, because they need for people to be walked in on while they're showering or having sex. It's hardly about being "real," and I'd like to know in what "world" I get to live in a fucking mansion for free for four and a half months, and then as if that's not vacation enough, they send you to Australia. The only way to beat that deal is to be the son of Hugh Hefner.

Honestly, I can only see this show lasting for about one or two more seasons, tops. Because next season, the challenge is for two cast members to have sex on the first night, and then the season after that they're all going to be walking into the house for the first time with their pants already around their ankles, because they're going to have to start humping each other the minute they meet, lest they not beat last season's "shocking" controversy records.

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