Monday, October 28, 2002

Let's Play

There may possibly be nothing cooler than having a DVD of your favorite movie playing in the background while you work/surf on your PC.

I bought a combo CD-RW/DVD-R drive yesterday in the hopes that I could start editing AMVs (Anime Music Videos) again. I had started editing a Cowboy Bebop vid awhile back, and just sorta bailed on it. It was six and a half minutes long. What the hell was I thinking? I only got it half-done, and that length is about as long as most AMVs. Unfortunately it's done in sections, and not all in one big chunk at the beginning or end.

The other problem is that the machine that I had all of the edting tools on (and the original DVD drive) was my old work machine, and it is now officially fried.

All that comes up at boot is a black screen with a Dell logo. No RAM countup, no IDE port auto-recognition. NADA.

Dude, I am so not getting a Dell.

Sorry. So anyway, DVD player. Anime movie goodness playing in background. Editing tools are go.

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