Monday, October 07, 2002


Note to self: Never, ever, attempt to ride rollercoasters that go backwards or hang you face-down eight stories up with a lose chest-harness again.

Went to Great America this weekend with some friends, and hit a bunch of rides. The most notable one was the one that made me so nauseous that I thought I was going to lose it, and in fact had to fight to "keep it" all day long. Deja Vu my ass. They should just call it the Pukematic 3000. I learned this weekend that there is no faster route to getting queasy than riding a rollercoaster backwards. Well, maybe if you smelled and looked at a cadaver first and ate some castor oil or something. But still.

I have to say that having a chest-harness that lose when you're hanging about eight stories up is an entirely un-enjoyable experience. Normally I really enjoy the "I'm gonna die!" thrill of a good rollercoaster, but this was a whole new realm of terror. There was about two to three inches of play between my chest and the harness, so when the coaster cranked up and hangs you face-down vertically before the ride starts, I was pretty much only being held in by the seatbelt and my own two hands pushing myself back into the seat. I didn't like the sensation of falling forwards, so I opted to hang onto the handles on the chest-harness and push myself back into my seat; pinning myself in place with my elbows. It was fairly terrifying. I think I'd enjoy jumping out of a plane with a parachute on much better.

In other news, I'll finally be getting broadband soon! Now I too can lose entire weekends to online gaming! And porn! Sweet delicious porn movies at my dispos...

Sorry, typing aloud again.

But yeah, some IDSL goodness is coming our way. It's hardly broadband, but I think it qualifies for moderateband or somesuch, thus elevating us beyond narrowband.

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