Thursday, October 24, 2002

Quick Prediction

I just heard Welcome to the Jungle from Guns 'n Roses on the radio today. Granted, I may have been listening to the 90's at 9 block of music (and nevermind that Welcome to the Jungle came out in '88, I think), but they've never played Guns 'n Roses before on this station (it's one of those "Alternative" stations. And by "Alternative," they really mean "Top 40."). Combine this with their recent newly-made-over appearance on the Mtv Music Video (or film or whatever the hell it was) Awards thing a few months back, I'm wagering that the radio is trying to get listeners saturated with GnR to the point that when they try and play their new song, listeners aren't saying "who? GnR?! Aren't they like, 80 now?" Instead, we'll be thinking to ourselves, "Yeah! 'Welcome to the Jungle,' baby! These guys rock!"

Just remember, you heard it here first.

Well, O.K., you really saw/heard of them on the Mtv thing first, but still.

[Edit: I was just at the GnR website, and surprise! They have a new album out and will be touring here in Chicago in exactly one month from now. Coincidence? Ten bucks says the radio station in sponsoring the concert. I'm sure they'll reveal this in a "breaking news" industry insider revelation about two weeks before the show.]

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