Friday, October 25, 2002

Say "Kraft American Pre-Wrapped Singles!"

Jane at umami tsunami already talked about this (and had it done), but Jesus Effin H. Motherlovin' Christu, if this isn't the coolest thing since the family heirloom painted portrait:

Full Body Scans. You have to click enter, and be very very patient. It's going to look like nothing's loading (the status bar at the bottom of your browser is disabled). It's actually loading in about a gajillion thumbnails, and they'll pop up in a minute or so. So just leave the window open for a bit and come back to it. It's worth the wait.

I guess they had this enormous scanner at the Tokyo Game Show. The images are just so freaking amazing. You get some kind of enormous poster-sized print when you're done. This is the modern, instant portrait. For some reason, these all seem much more genuine than a photograph, because even though they're "posed," it doesn't seem fake like a family portrait from Sears. It's as if they're pressed leaves in a book preserved for an eternity. I would love to get one of these done. Hopefully they'll come to a US show sometime.

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