Sunday, October 13, 2002

Ultra. Man.

If you're not watching Ultraman Tiga on Fox Kids* on Saturday morning, you might be missing things such as:

1). Men who never, ever leave their helmets behind. Going to the bathroom? Why not carry your helmet with you!
2). An action team named G.U.T.S. It's even on the hood of the team's only car: a yellow Camaro with things mounted on it.
3). A communicator that looks a lot like a birth control pill case from the year 2049.
4). When someone is painfully turning into a monster, GUTS team members say things like, "Are you sure it's not just gas?!"
5). Backhanded compliments that include references to someone looking homely and having bad breath.
6). Plastic model planes (meant to be real planes in show) that actually catch fire when the little explosive round goes off.
7). Ultraman's stylin' zipper that runs up the back of his suit. He may be a superhero, but at least he's practical about getting the suit on and off.
8). Men in rubber monster suits. Kicking over model buildings. Duh.

I swear, it's got more camp than Xena, and the show riffs itself! You don't even have to try to be funny. Just watch and comment! It's that easy!

* As it turns out, Fox Kids is going to be renamed Fox Box very soon. I for one would just like to point out that a less pornstaresque name might have been chosen for a block of children's entertainment. Thank you.

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