Sunday, November 03, 2002

Dear Politicians,

My answering machine is not a soap-box for your fucking campaign for public-office elections. My phone is not some television, radio, newspaper or magazine which you can lease out for a subsidized rate to shill your mud-slinging message. Don't think for a second that you're smarter or wiser than your competitor who hasn't yet figured out that one can call every home in Illinois and run an "ad" for your campaign on their answering machine, because you had my vote, and you just lost it because you called my house and had a robot leave your previously seen TV ad on my answering machine.

So, let's recap: don't call me, and don't leave automated messages on my answering machine that sound exactly like the commercial that was just on the air.

After all, you don't want me calling your house and leaving automated messages on your answering machine. Trust me. You really don't.

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