Sunday, November 03, 2002

Exorcist: The Christening

Today was my little niece Emma's christening. Emma's from my wife's side of the family, and none of them really ever had a lot to do with the church growing up, and we all joke about them being "heathens," and how "if the world ends today, we're sorry, because the whole family will be in church at the same time."

Well, it was nice to see that little Emma's taking after her Dad, and her Aunt and Uncles, because right about the time when the Priest was saying "Do you reject Satan, and all of his teachings," little Emma projectile vomited in front of the entire congregation. We're talking straight out of her mouth and past her feet, and onto the floor of the church. It ran all down her christening gown, too. I started laughing hysterically, because all I could think of was that this was the beginning of the next Rosemary's Baby or The Exorcist Part VIII or something. Then, she starts grunting and bearing down, and proceeds to loudly fill her diaper. Eventually, this diaper load would seep out and make its way onto my Mother-in-Law's nice white blouse.

If only she had crapped on the Priest instead of her Grandmother, it would have made the Rosemary moment complete ;).

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