Monday, November 11, 2002

Oh the Pain, the Pain

I didn't think I could make my legs hurt this much playing paintball. I even made sure to not run while I was playing, in order to "save" my legs for my Soccer playoff game tonight. In the end, I managed somehow screw my leg muscles up worse than ever before, because I crouch-walked ala Counter-Strike style for about 15 minutes straight one game. As it turns out, when you walk in a crouching fashion, you use primarily your small "controller" muscles rather than your large prime locomotive muscles.

Now when I walk, I look a lot like those people in rehab who are re-learning to walk while holding onto the parallel bars: my legs are flopping all over the place in a completely out-of-control muppetesque dance. I could probably run if I had to, but I couldn't stop.

Thankfully, tonight's game has been called due to rain and rescheduled for next week.

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