Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Coolest Motion Shoot in the History of Man

Today I directed the Motion Capture shoot for the DJ who is providing the music for our game: DJ Rocky Rock. I've never seen a DJ perform close enough that I could see his hands moving on the wax and the fader, and to tell the truth, it's not like getting to watch Rocky this close helped me much. I fooled around with the turntables for exactly 8.5 seconds, and realized quickly that I probably sounded a lot like anyone does sitting at a drum kit for the first time: a complete loser with two left hands.

Seeing people as skilled as Rocky at any skill (painting, DJing, skateboarding, etc.) makes me want to take up whatever it is that they're doing and hope to hold a candle to their coolness. So, suffice to say I'm now considering buying turntables doing nothing of the sort.

At any rate, I managed to remember that we had a digital camera handy for taking reference photos while he was playing through his set for us before he put on the motion capture suit (which looks silly, so I won't post any pictures of him in the suit send me $500 if you're reading this Rocky and I'll destroy them ;).

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