Tuesday, December 10, 2002


I just got done taking yet another IQ test, and I keep getting dumber. That is to say, the number of questions in the body of the test keep getting smaller in quantity - this time only forty - so for each question I get wrong, it makes me dumber than it did if, say, there were 100 questions on the test. So when there were 100 questions, I scored a brilliant 156, and now that there are only 40, I scored a mere average 129.

Only minutes later, I got my very first cel phone solicitation call. Granted, the nice automated man on the other end insisted that this was neither a sales nor solicitation call, and that this was indeed a "very important phone call," and I was asked very nicely to not hang up.

However, factoring in that most, if not nearly all important phone calls are made by real people, and not auto-dialing recordings of human voices, I deduced that this was not in fact an important phone call, and summarily hung up.

See? I'm no dummy.

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