Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Free Book

Every once in awhile for the past year or so, I cruise by John Scalzi's Whatever column, just to see what's up. Some days I really dig what he writes, and other days things get too political or dry or whatever it is that I don't agree with for whatever lame reason. But none of that matters to you good folk. What does matter is that I just swung by yesterday for the first time in probably weeks, and I couldn't have been happier.

Because for the next month he's publishing his book Old Man's War for free, one chapter at a time. It's a little sci-fi diddy, and so far I've really enjoyed the first two chapters. Evidently it's about a future society on Earth who go volunteer for the Colony Defense Force (or whatever it's called) for a variety of reasons when they turn 75, because only the CDF has the technology to pretty much reverse the aging process.

Why is he publishing it for free, you say? Well, he has his reasons, so you can go read them for yourselves.

At any rate, do yourselves (and him) a favor and go check it out. The only sweeter deal is if he was going to pay you to read it.

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