Wednesday, December 04, 2002


A lot of times I find myself wondering what it's going to take to make myself happy. It's not that I'm an inherantly unhappy person, but I'm not typically known for jovial states of merriment.

Sometimes I wonder if it's going to be when I finally get that BMW I've always wanted, or when I've got the house with the 3 or 4 car garage, or maybe when there's a million dollars in the bank and no need to work anymore. Maybe it's when I become my own boss and have complete creative freedom.

But I know that none of those is the answer to happiness. It's something much more intangible and introspective than any of those things. Today when I was buying my lunch at the local grocery store, the man who served me was singing Christmas carols to himself while he worked. He was easily the happiest person I've seen in weeks. He works behind the meat counter, a job which I would consider a miserable existance, and he obviously loves his life.

He's normally a polite man, but I've never seen him this happy before, and I've never seen him singing Christmas carols, either. I guess Christmas just brings out the best in people (and the worst in others). So I hope that maybe this can rub off a little and everyone (Christmas observing or not) bothering to read this has a wonderful holiday season this year, and a happy new year.

May we all be so happy that we sing carols while we work.

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