Tuesday, December 31, 2002

The House That Steve Built

I've put this off long enough. Ten years, in fact. So as motivation to make sure it happens, I give you my New Year's Resolution:

To get a swimmer's build in as short a time as humanly possible.

I initially figured "lose 20 pounds in three months," but that might not be enough. Saying "losing 40 pounds in three months" is probably not an attainable goal, and I'm not sure if I can weigh less than 180 lbs without losing muscle tissue to achieve it. I've tried a lot of stupid "diets" and pills, and the truth is, that unless I'm exercising almost daily, nothing is really going to work.

So starting tomorrow, I'm hitting the pool. Every day. Or at least every possible chance I can. I'm not even that strong of a swimmer (at least technically speaking), but I like the way swimmers look, and it's phenomenal exercise. I spent the last ten years attempting to find myself mentally, and in doing so, I let the body go. Big time. I look nothing like I did ten or twelve years ago, and sometimes I don't even recognize my face in the mirror. It's not a matter of age; it's a matter of sloth. If I'm going to learn anything from the Buddhist philosophies and teachings, I need to make sure that the body is just as in shape as the mind. There's no point in putting a great driver in an 82 Chevette.

Wish me luck.

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