Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Hot Jobs

I just wanted to warn people, lest ye be tempted by the hoards of commercials I've been seeing recently in which Animation is touted as some sort of a Holy Grail for carreers, that you probably should think twice about it.

Going into the field of animation is akin to job suicide. I can't stress enough that there are more kids in school to be animators right now than there are jobs to fill. And the sad thing is, most of those kids in school are wasting their money, based on the look of their demo reels. But I digress.

Becoming an animator is like saying you'd like to spend $30,000 on a shot at finding that needle in a haystack that's on fire and might not be there in the next ten minutes.

Just a friendly warning, folks.

If any of you readers were looking into animation, might I suggest a look into Information Technologies, VCR or gun repair? I hear those are hot.

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