Saturday, February 22, 2003


So I'm sitting here, working on some freelance this weekend, and my wife comes in the office, and excitedly tells me that she was watcing a show on the History Channel called Conquest, where in a typical show the rediculously Ren Faire host shows a bunch of SCA freaks how you would have fought a classic post-Renaissance 1600's duel, from the insult to the glove-slap to the deathstroke.

Today's episode was evidently how knights fought on horseback in the classic medieval period. Or something.

At any rate, she was excited because the bald wish-I-lived-in-an-era-where-my-swordsmanship-would-mean-something host was explaining that mercenary knights who were not in the service of a lord, and were for hire were called...wait for it...


Oh yeah baby. That's right. I'm bad.

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