Thursday, February 13, 2003

No One...Can Be Told...What the Animatrix Is

If you haven't heard, the Wachowski Bros. have decided to pay tribute to their favorite anime directors by asking them to make shorts for their upcoming collection of animated Matrix tales which tells the backstory to The Matrix: The Animatrix.

What they didn't tell you, is that the first four shorts are free for the downloading, and the first one, The Second Renaissance, Part One, is available right now*.

I suggest you get your ass over there and start downloading. The big one is 132M, which might take you all day, so you'd better get started.

[Edit] I just saw a one minute teaser someone released (it's no longer online, sorry) of Square's Final Flight of the Osiris short. It's the one that looks like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within but is about 1000 times cooler because it's a Matrix short with all of the promises and trappings you'd expect to see in a CG rendering of a Matrix tale. And I have to say that it looks balls rad. [/Edit]

*Unfortunately, the whole site's flash, so you're going to have to find the navigation button for "anime" at the top right corner under "mainframe," as there's no direct link.

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