Monday, February 24, 2003

Yes, I'm Counting

Well, technically we're about 4 days early for this sort of thing, but considering my lack of vigilance in reading Odometers, I'd say early is better than never.

Somewhere in March or whenever it will be roughly a year that this site has been around, or really at least since it's been getting healthy hits. Keeping Score wasn't started in March, but the art part of this site, which is temporarily down due to my lack of updating, got about 10,000 hits in March of last year due to some really popular artist person linking me. That individual has some serious traffic. More than Wil Wheaton, I believe. I can't tell which artist it was, since I was linked twice in one month, and my stat-tracking software isn't very robust since this is a free site.

Then, in June I started the Blog part of the site, and got another healthy 3000 hits from him or so. Seeing two incredible months of hits has made me a total and complete hit whore/junkie, and in December I was I able to beat the Wil Wheaton month, when I received 4000 hits for some unknown reason (seriously, I don't know why. My only guess is due to a Game Girl Advance article?)

At any rate, enough pointless rambling from me. Here's the boring stats:

Visitors: 26786
Hits: 150459
Pageviews: 17282
Bytes: 1.8G

Not a terribly impressive or massive quantity, but I do appreciate everyone coming by to take a look, and hope even more of you will be swinging by here in the year to come.


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