Saturday, April 12, 2003

Double Look

Oh no, Big Brother is coming for me.

I'm being sarcastic (as if that's somehow a change of pace), but my office finally mandated a net-watching policy. I have to say I'm not very surprised at its arrival, as people at my office like to listen to internet radio, and watch the new streaming news networks that have sprung up now that even ESPN has video feeds. Something had to be done to curb the blatant bandwidth wasting.

But what I'm amazed at more than anything is the true sense of paranoia that's taken over our office. These guys used to look at porn on their PCs at work and are now complaining that they are being watched. Well, DUH. Downloading entire installments of the Lord of the Rings movie series on a daily basis is going to get noticed guys.

What this means for me now is that my usual habit of doing some quick surfing while waiting for large files to open over the network (which sometimes can take a full minute) is going to have to end. It's frustrating, because twiddling your thumbs for a full minute 30 or so times a day just isn't all that entertaining.

What it means for you is that I won't be posting here from work again for the foreseeable near future.

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