Friday, April 18, 2003

Holy Higher Functions Batman

Remember how I was complaining about the SAT Question of the Day site and how their math questions were oddly worded and quite difficult?

I just took Midway's Programmer Entry Exam.

I gave up by the fifth question. I guess it would have helped if I took Calculus. Or anything beyond Algebra II.

Test question. Let me know if anyone who reads this knows the answer:

Given the following two linear equations, what is the point at which they intersect?

f(x) = 2x + 7
f(x) = -3x –2

(a). (-2.9, 6.4)
(b). (6.9, -8.2)
(c). (-1.8, 3.4)
(d). They never intersect.
(e). Sweet mother of god my brain hurts.

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