Thursday, May 08, 2003

In a Related Story

For those of you in the Chicago area, you may have heard about the Powder Puff Hazing incident that happened at Glenbrook North High school, the hazing may come as shocking news.

For me, there may be even more shocking news.

Evidently there was a young man from the high school interviewed on ABC News who was named James Bowler (the same last name as myself). Coincidence? It may go further.

My biological father (the one who supplied the DNA and the last name) stopped talking to me 15 years ago. At the time, he had three children with his new wife: Joshua, Jesse, and Jillian. I think they had a fourth son around that time named Andrew which they renamed Jacob to keep with the "J" theme (which I thought was a less than artful way to name your children, but whatever). They may have had a fifth child for all I know. Like I said, Tom (the bio-dad) stopped talking to me, so I have no idea what happened from there, or if they moved to the north side of the Chicago burbs.

If someone can find me the videotape footage (ABC is the only one I've seen that has it, and they want me to subscribe :P), please forward me the location of it so I can look at this kid's face and see if he's my half-brother.


[Update]: Talked to Mom and she thinks that Tom didn't have enough money to move to the north side of Chicago. She may be right, because I think I saw Tom in a Best Buy about 4 years ago on the west side. That still gives him 4 years to find a job that pays well enough to find a house on the north side, though. So who knows.

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