Tuesday, May 13, 2003

It's the Question That Drives Us

Okay, it's roughly 29 hours 'till I see Matrix: Reloaded, and I have two thoughts blazing through my mind.

1). Will the Media Frenzy please hold off for like, 29 more hours? Why is it that last time around nobody gave a rat's ass about the movie, and now they all want to spoil it before anyone goes to see it?! Today on the news they were showing way too much of the car-chase clips (i.e. more than those seen in trailers), and had an interview with Hugo Weaving I really would have enjoyed listening to if they didn't keep showing footage of the movie while he was talking. For crying out loud! At least wait 'till the movie's out!

2). This movie's going to rock. I was actually worried that it wasn't, but a friend of mine whose opinions I trust says that a reviewer stated "great action, but weird plot." The reviewer then went on to explain that he really didn't get the first Matrix movie until about the third viewing on DVD, and said that the plot had him "confused like Signs."

Any action movie whose plot is compared to a M. Night masterpiece is going to fucking ROCK, let alone a Wachowski Matrix sequel.

Only 28 hours and 45 minutes to go...

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