Sunday, June 15, 2003

The Matrix of Golf

Not that there's a lot to report on this, but here's just one more way that a movie as innovative as The Matrix is effecting your everyday life. Well, not really your everyday life, unless you're a professional gofler. When watching the U.S. Open today, they showed this new thingamajig called Swingview that uses a 30 camera rig to capture your golf swing, and then you can choose the angle along the arc of cameras to view your swing with (from behind to looking at you from the side).

I love this kind of marriage of technology and everyday life, but I can't help but think where I've seen this type of technology in a real world application first...

...something from about 10 years ago...maybeeeeee QTVR?

I guess the idea of using a videocamera instead of a picturecamera is "groundbreaking and novel" instead of an "expected level of progression."

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