Sunday, June 08, 2003

Murphy Sucks

So today I need to replace a bunch of exterior boards on the front of my house that had been rotting for the past 5 years since the buyer's appraiser is coming over on Wednesday to take a look through the house. Went to Home Depot this morning and bought said boards, nails, and rented a nailgun.

Get home, start demo'ing old boards and throwing up new ones. Cue rain.

I hate Murphy's Law. Soon, it may be renamed to Bowler's Law.

[Update]: I figured in order to thwart Murphy's Law, I should figure out how to fix my launcher for Star Wars Galaxies. Sure enough, just as soon as I had that fixed up and was in game playing, the rain stops. I run outside, get one more board on, rain starts. Curse you foul nature!!!

[Update Update]: Hey, inbetween bouts of rain, I managed to run out there and tear off more boards. And, surprise! Bee nest! Whee!

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