Thursday, July 17, 2003

Happy Birthday to Me

I hate days like this. While I know that no one is intentionally avoiding going out to lunch with me today, it's still really bumming me out that everyone's busy or otherwise tied up on my birthday.

I just really didn't feel like eating by myself today.

However, if for some reason I manage to win the Tekken4 arcade cabinet drawing (they're only asking for $100!!!) here at work, it will more than make up for it. Unfortunately I won't find out 'till 2pm tomorrow, and chances of me winning it are slim since everyone and their Moms are entering the drawings due to the insanely low prices.

I mean, come on. Fully functional arcade cabinets going for $100?? Some of the classics that are in Mame cabinets (smaller, PC emulation cabinets) are going for $25. You might as well bid on all of them at that price, and I did.

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