Thursday, August 07, 2003

Ahnold fohr Ghovahnor

Well, it's official. Conan's running for office in California, and I couldn't be happier. I mean, when you end your very first campaign speech with "Hasta la vista, baby!" (a very overt reference to the previous California governor being ousted by the people), this can only mean more exciting catch-phrase speeches to come. We're talking President by 2012 folks.

A look to the future?:

1). "You mess with America, you're Terminated fahckah!"
2). "If you liked the last fohr yeeahs of mee in office, maybee yoo'd like mee to stick around!"
3). ::Arnold shows up naked to a debate with his opponent:: "Give mee yor clothes, yor boots, and yor sunglasses."
4). "America will heeah the lamentations of your wimmin, and see our enemies driven befohr us!"

Feel free to post more in the comments as you think of them. I'll add them up here.

Catchphrase President is go!

[Update: While talking about this with a friend at lunch, I was reminded of (the 12th?) amendment that states something to the effect that only native born citizens of this country can run for President. Thus, Ahnold couldn't. However, in the movie Demolition Man, there is evidently a joke/throwaway line about a President Schwartzenaegger, and when pressed about the impossibility of the matter, the person continues on that the (12th?) amendment was repealed in a unanimous vote in order to allow Ahnold to be voted in as President. Remember, truth is stranger than fiction, so I'm still sticking by my Pres by 2012 prediction].

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