Thursday, August 28, 2003

Bad Day Cometh

I'm normally not one of those downwardly spiraling people who once one thing goes wrong decides that the entire day is going to be The. Worst. Day. Evar., but this one's aiming in that direction. The day's events, in order of appearance:

-1). Try and put on nice pants for Focus Group Test that your game is going through this evening. Remember that you haven't unpacked your belt yet, and your pants will be around your ankles. Decide to go with crappy pair of wrinkled shorts instead. Make a note to do some laundry.
0). On the way to car, keys get stuck in crappy shorts pocket that's sewn through. This is what happens when you buy shorts from TJ Max.
1/2). Remember to bring dry cleaning to cleaners. Forget to leave early. Now running massively late for work.
1). Forget to bring breakfast with to work. No problem. We'll just get a yogurt out of the cafe.
2). At work, trying to get into office, keys get stuck in pocket. Again.
3). Get into cafe, realize there's no money in wallet. Normally would just drink water and suck it up, but hey, no money.
4). Figure there's still 10 minutes 'till McDonald's stops serving lunch (go Visa!). Must hurry if we're going to make it in time.
5). Run out to car. Keys are stuck in god-damned fucking pocket. AGAIN.
6). Get so mad at keys and pocket conundrum and decide to just pull real hard instead of fiddling with keys in pocket like we're playing pocket pool with ourselves in the parking lot. Manage to tear huge hole in shorts when the keys don't just give way.
7). Realize that you now look like even more ass in your crappy ripped shorts instead of nice pants with functioning pockets.
8). Get food uneventfully at McD's, then on the way out of parking lot almost get inverse rear-ended as the guy in front of you wildly throws his car in reverse to get out of the way of three people walking on the sidewalk. Much horn ensues. Dude. Pedestrians can walk the fuck around your car.
9). Later, find out there's only fifteen seats available for the focus group, and even though you're a Lead Animator on the team, you don't have a seat at the focus group. Ten out of the fifteen seats are going to Marketing, Executive Management, and other people who aren't actually working on the game.
10). Realize that there was shit that happened before you started with number one, and have to resort to integers and negative numbers because you're too lazy to renumber this lame-ass list.

To be continued, after I get thrown out of the focus group because I intend to crash it anyway.

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