Friday, August 22, 2003

Cool New Toy

There's this new script that a guy wrote, which many people find cool but unusable due to the nature of the script (this isn't something for people with insanely high traffic volumes), that I'm absolutely in love with.

It's linked down there in my links section (since the script creates a link, which is a feature undescribed by the creator, thank you very much. Not. Let me tell you, it was fun trying to figure out where in the site to place the script that the link would do the least damage and yet still do its job), but essentially the script has AIM send you an IM with the IP addy of the person who just looked at your blog (or at individual entries if you have it set up like that).

Essentially it's just a fun thing for me to do while at work. Everytime you come here, I get a quick IM that says someone's here looking. Not only do I find it neat, but I get all hot and bothered at the fun sexy spy-techy kind of feeling of having Trillian notify me via AIM every time someone visits my website.

Now if someone would just come up with a way to register an IP addy so that a Name is spit out rather than a string of numbers.

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