Monday, August 11, 2003

Lamest Post Ever

O.K., I know it's not all that interesting or even remotely entertaining, but I feel that I have to share this very important announcement with the rest of you:

Under no circumstances are you to try, consider, or even look sideways at the new Chicken Pizziola from Subway.

I know it looks delicious in the ads. I understand you'd like to try it. But don't. Here's how it's made:

1). Take bread and put the same lame-ass flavorless cheese on it that goes on every other sandwitch.
2). Put bone-dry, plain as day chicken strips on it that taste great when cooked in the teriaki sauce, but are flavorless when served as-is.
3). Smother in the meatball sauce from the meatball repository. No, don't use pizza sauce. That might taste good. We're trying to make sure that we save money here, so use the bitter, dark, meatball sauce instead.
4). Add tomato slices.
5). Throw entire concoction in the microwave oven and set the dial to soggy.

It's an amalgomation of ass.

In other news, which you may or may not find entertaining, I courteously got off my cel phone in order to not be rude while ordering my sandwitch, only to have the clerk taking the order screw up three times while making mine because he wouldn't get off the phone.

This led to me waxing over the spelling of the word phonetiquette, and summarily whether or not convention etiquette (conetiquette) could be confused with a very small U.S. State.

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