Thursday, August 21, 2003

Somedays, I Hate Being Right

The cable company finally killed our cable. Liz came home, nothing but static on TV.

So I call for them to hook it back up in our name now.

After struggling with the slowest phone salesman in years (no, really, we're talking this guy was borderline retarded slow), he informed me that it would be three to seven days 'till they could have someone come out and switch the cable back on. Mind, you, they sent someone out to switch it off, and now they need to send someone back out to switch it back on.

This after I told them they could just leave it on and switch over the billing information. If they think I'm paying any kind of installation charges, they can go quickly fuck themselves. With a chainsaw.

So yeah. I'm going to miss taping FLCL from the first episode. Again.

I'm beginning to understand the Unimbomber's motives now...

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