Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I realize that not many of you out there are fans, but Liz and I are of the persuasion that Cirque is le bombe.

We hit the newest installment, Varekai, on Saturday night, and due to my total lack of pre-planning, were forced into buying VIP tickets (Tapis Rouge; red carpet, get it? ha?) so that we could have a front row/center view of the show. Besides being nearly picked for the comedy-routine (I was like, ecstatic that my seat happened to be on the center row, which is where they always pick the audience participant from. Unfortunately, I was a bit too heavy for the female comic to pick up so she picked someone a bit lighter.), the other highlight was the VIP tent.

Never have we felt like we were some sort of priveledged royalty before this, and hell, it was at the circus. Our badges allowed us private access to this tent (along with maybe 100 other people), and it was a lot of fun watching peasant after peasant be turned away from the tent entrance, and then have us just waltz right on in, feeling the curious gaze of the other non-priveledged peer after us. "Wot's in there, me lord?! I do say the rich have it good!"

The VIP tent itself was pretty cool, but this mask thing inside was just the coolest.

Just mind-blowingly bizarre.

It was about 10 feet across (if you stood in front of it your head would come up to about the eye area). It was basically this huge white mask that had a constant, perfectly matted video feed on it of the different performer's faces with their make-up on. They eerily matched all of the footage so all the eyes matched, so when it cross-faded between performers it would look like a morph sequence. The eyes looked around the room, blinking. It was cool as hell. I want one.

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